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When the phrase "he packs punch," became popular, was someone thinking of Jorge? Growing up as a child of two blue-collar Mexican immigrant workers, Jorge sought to make something of himself as his parents soldiering on. Alas, Jorge "packed a punch." He became a five-time decorated

Chicago Golden Glove Champion. Bypassing the opportunity to represent the USA in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, he was selected to represent his parents' native country of Mexico for the 1996 Olympics. Between punches, left hooks and uppercuts, Jorge went to receive his B.S in business from  Northern Illinois University (NIU). While in college, Jorge was the recipient of the Thomas "Sarge" Johnson Outstanding Boxer Academic Scholarship provided by the USOC (United States Olympic Committee).

In addition to founding Apache Service and Supply Company, he is the founder of the Apache Building Exchange, a provider of real state marketing services. Jorge Pacheco serves on multiple charitable and advisory boards. More notably Jorge was appointed by Mexican President 

Felipe Calderon to serve on the advisory board of NAFINSA (Nacional Financiera), the Mexican small business administration, a governmental organization helping Mexican small business. 

Currently, he is a Boxing/MMA official with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Department of Athletics. He assists in the regulation of state-sanctioned bouts and MMA fights. He mentors young aspiring boxers who like himself many moons ago, seek to make something of themselves. 


Arturo's major weakness: "History is like VH1," says Arturo. "The story behind the story is the most important part." It has been said that we stand on the shoulders of our forbearers. In no way is it more true for Arturo. His life began as his parents left a dusty, godforsaken village without running water, sewer system, electricity and paved roads in the middle rural mountains in Mexico. Sensing, craving, believing in the American dream they made their way to America. "I always believed America as a unique land of opportunity." Thanks to his parent's work and sacrifice as a landscape laborer and a union custodian, Arturo was afforded the opportunity to live the American dream. Arturo became the first one in his family to attend formal schooling. He attended the Latin School of Chicago on scholarship, he then went on to get a BA from the University of Notre Dame and finally an MBA from Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. Along with being a founder of Apache Service and Supply, one of Arturo's passions is consulting for small businesses.

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Apache Service and Supply Company's experience in BOMA standards come across everything we do. Apache was the only company entrusted by the presidential advance team and the secret service to clean President Obama's 50th birthday party/campaign event. The ROI for cleaning and maintaining commercial properties depends on following the highest standards set by BOMA International in conjunction with BOMA Chicago. We maintain and service properties by said standards. We are a Union Local 1 affiliated company with various MBE and DBE certifications.

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